Shortlisted for Grierson Award, 2020

"A powerful study of the Windrush scandal" - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian
"Chief among the successes is Ellen Evans' Motherland" - Danny Leigh, The Financial Times

Motherland traces the experiences of two young men forcibly returned to Jamaica after a lifetime in Britain, alongside the story of a Windrush-generation man denied re-entry to the UK. Through the personal accounts of those who have had their British identity questioned by the state, MOTHERLAND explores what it really means for someone to “go back home”.

One of 20 films commissioned by The Uncertain Kingdom program.

Available now on BFI Player, Curzon Home Cinema, Amazon Prime and iTunes

Directed by Ellen Evans, Produced by Alice Hughes, Cinematographer Thomas Doran, Editor Jamie Kataky, Composer Matt Huxley, Sound Design Oriol Campi, Colourist Vlad Barin, Graphic Design Daniel Prothero

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