"This was compelling storytelling, a portraiture of the rural underbelly of Britain. The director demonstrated well-honed craft skills and the judges were impressed with the film’s intimacy, pacing and style which comes from having a strong relationship with the contributor. It was a complex story that shone a light on solace, succour and salvation in an animal, juxtaposed against a faceless bureaucracy." 

- Judges' Citation, The Grierson Awards 2020

Country Girl

Lillith’s benefits have been cut, threatening the thing in her life that gives it shape and purpose: her relationship with a troubled yet beloved horse. Fleeing a difficult past and struggling with rural poverty, she must take matters into her own hands, defying expectations and rising above the judgement of others.

Funded by the BFI Doc Society 'Made of Truth' Program

Directed and Produced by Ellen Evans
Co-Produced by Pearl Doughty-White
Executive Producer Lisa Marie Russo
Cinematographer Thomas Doran
Editor Ross Leppard
Composer Matt Huxley
Colourist Vlad Barin
Sound Design Soundnode



Grierson Award for Best Documentary Short
WFTV Award for Best Production, Underwire Film Festival

Best International Short Film, Hot Docs
Best UK Short, Open City Docs


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